Every trip can be a joyride with these fun travel games for the family

Fun games to play while inside the car

Driving can be fun, but let’s face it, that is not always the case. Maybe you are taking the family on a 45-minute drive to Aunt Diane’s house for a family dinner, or perhaps you are embarking on a cross-country road trip and are looking for another way to pass the time before relying on the podcasts or playlists you have lined up. The whole family can enjoy fun games to play while inside the car on a lengthy drive, and we have a few suggestions of them here.

What are some fun ways to pass the time while your vehicle is in the shop?

List of games to play during a road trip

  • family inside carI Spy. This classic game has someone taking a look at something and saying “I spy with my little eye something the color of…” and then naming the color. You are then supposed to guess what the person has seen. It is best to keep the “spied” items to things inside the vehicle.
  • 20 Questions. Another classic, someone thinks of a person, place, or thing, and everyone else asks “yes or no” questions about what that person is thinking of until they reach 20 questions.
  • Name That Tune. Do you have someone in the family who is musically inclined? Have them hum a song and see if everyone else can guess it.
  • The License Plate Game. Look for license plates from other states and see who can find the most.
  • Quotes. Recite some famous lines from movies or TV shows and see if the others can guess where it came from. Bonus points if they know the name of the character responsible for it!
  • Cow. Every time you see a cow, shout “Cow!” The person with the most cow shouts wins!
  • The Alphabet Game. This is another road trip classic. One person starts and must find something on a billboard, license plate, or anywhere else along the way that begins with the letter A. The next person continues with B, and so on. See how far you can get!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What games do you like to play while on a long drive? Let us know in the comments! Stay in touch with the Nissan of Victoria blog for more tips and tricks and more fun blogs!