Steer clear of deep holes in the road to prevent damage to your car

How to avoid potholes when driving

Picture this: You’re driving home after a long day at the office, and you just want to get home and watch your shows and eat a sensible dinner. As you head down the long busy street, you suddenly feel a massive BUMP and hear what sounds like your front right tire get pummeled. Sure enough, your tire pressure warning light flares up. You’ve just hit a pothole, and it will ruin your evening. We have tips on how to avoid potholes when driving that may help you prevent such calamities.

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Ways you can deal with potholes

  • Always scan the road ahead. While you should do this regardless, this can help you keep an eye out for those damaging holes in the pavement.
  • Drive the speed limit. While you should also be doing this regardless, slowing it down can help you prevent damage if you encounter a pothole.
  • Pay attention to the traffic ahead of you. If you notice a lot of swerving going on, those people up ahead could be trying to avoid a pothole.
  • Avoid puddles. Underneath those puddles could be a deep, jagged hole that is ready to tear your tire apart.
  • Keep your tire pressure where it needs to be, and also be sure you have a spare tire and the tools needed to install it in case you do hit that pothole.

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