Autumn has its own unique hazards for drivers

Safety tips for driving in the fall

Did you feel that breeze? What was it? Oh, it turns out that was summer flying by! Well, here we are again entering a new season as the year begins to head toward the finish line. Fall brings with it a tapestry of different colors to line your commutes to and from work or school. It also includes shrinking daylight, Halloween candy at every store, and a bit of a chill in the air, even in Texas! There are also a number of driving hazards that are specific to the season. Read ahead for some safety tips for driving in the fall.

You may need to wash your car more often if you drive through fallen leaves regularly!

Ways to keep yourself safe as the leaves change

  • low angle of fallen leaves on side of the roadWatch out for the glare of the sun. The daylight is limited during the fall, and the sun is out later than you are used to in the morning while setting earlier than you remember in the evening. This can cause added glare. 
  • Bring sunglasses to deal with the rays of sunshine blasting into your eyes on your commutes. 
  • Check your tire pressure more often. With the temperatures cooling off and the air changing, your tire pressure can fluctuate right along with it. You may suddenly find your tires to be unusually low on pressure one day when they appeared to be fine the day before. 
  • Be careful on leaf-covered roads. Autumn leaves are stunning while they are on the trees, but when they fall and coat the ground, they can cover up potholes, painted-on traffic signals, and be slick for your tires. 
  • Something that adds to the slickness of those leaves is the moisture that covers them from an overnight fog or rain. Be aware of changing weather and slick conditions. 
  • If you encounter fog, avoid the temptation to switch on your high beams. Stick with your low beams, as turning your bright lights on can reflect more light back to you, decreasing your visibility. 
  • Watch out for deer. It’s mating season, so they will be running and hopping all over, jumping into the road with no regard for traffic. 

Following these tips can keep you safe as the seasons change. Keep in touch with the Nissan of Victoria blog for more of these helpful automotive tips and tricks!