Schedule Your Test Drive

Schedule Your Test Drive

The whole team here at Bravo Nissan invites you to schedule a test drive at our dealership in Victoria, TX. We proudly carry the entire lineup of new Nissan vehicles, ranging from the sleek and efficient Nissan Altima to the muscular and rugged Nissan TITAN. Our friendly staff will assist you every step of the way during your Nissan test drive.

The test drive checklist below can apply to new Nissan models or any of the used vehicles for sale at our dealership near Corpus Christi, TX. We carry pre-owned vehicles of many makes and models to maintain a great selection of automobiles for our customers.

When you test-drive a Nissan or another used car at our store, you’ll be able to learn what to expect from the model in question. We’re happy to help you request test drive appointments or shop all new Nissan vehicles for sale, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There are many things you should remember when you test-drive a used vehicle or a new car – read on to learn what our team thinks are the most important things to consider when trying out a vehicle.

Schedule Demo Drive Appointments

If you like a new or used vehicle shown on our site and would like to see how it handles, schedule a test drive below. One of our salespeople will contact you shortly to confirm the time and date.
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What to Keep in Mind After You Schedule a Test Drive

  • Research Ahead of Time: While our team is always happy to help you figure out which cars could suit your needs, it’s a good practice to read about the available models first and decide which ones you want to take out for a spin. Consider how many people you regularly transport, your cargo capacity needs, and what features are must-haves.
  • Bring a Buddy: It’s usually a good plan to bring your spouse, another loved one, or a friend along for your test drive. Having another perspective can help you decide if a particular vehicle is a good match for your requirements. If you have a friend who works as a mechanic, they’ll be a great person to bring along for a used vehicle test drive.
  • Kick the Tires: Before you actually start to test-drive the car, you should walk around it and maybe peek under the hood. This is particularly important for used vehicles, where you’re searching for any potential mechanic issues. We inspect our pre-owned cars before selling them at our dealership near Port Lavaca, TX, but it’s still sound practice.
  • Settle into the Seats: You’ll be spending a lot of time in your next ride, so it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s comfortable. When you sit down, adjust the seat so you’re sitting in your preferred position. Make sure that the seat is ergonomic and offers the support you need. We also recommend doing the same in the back seats, even if you won’t be spending much time there yourself.
  • Listen to the Car: From startup to shutdown, you’ll want to listen to the sounds the car makes. Used vehicles, in particular, can have some mechanical issues, so odd sounds should not be ignored. Listen closely for any hiccups when you start the vehicle or accelerate sharply.
  • Check Out the Vehicle Handling: This is the fun part: driving the car. Test the acceleration, lay on the brakes, and try lane changes and merging. You’ll also want to see how the blind spots are on the vehicle. If you have difficulty seeing out of the car, it’s probably not a good fit (Blind-Spot Detection technologies aside).
  • Try Multiple Types of Driving: During your test drive, you want to drive on both standard roads and the highway, if possible. You may encounter a vehicle that handles well on the street but not so well at highway speeds.


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