We have tips to keep you from overheating in your car

Ways to stay cool while you are driving

Summer is here, and while that means summer vacation for families, summer break for students, giant ice cream cones, big blockbusters, and all sorts of other fun things, it also means brutally hot temperatures at times. We probably do not have to tell you just how uncomfortable and downright dangerous it can get when the temperatures and humidity rise. Of course, when you are at home, you have a number of different ways to keep yourself from overheating, but what about when you are in your vehicle? Read on for some suggestions for ways to stay cool while you are driving.

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Tips for keeping cool while in your vehicle

  • Turn the air conditioning on. While this might seem like a no-brainer, it remains the best and most convenient way to stay comfortable while combatting the oppressive heat and humidity.
  • Roll your windows down. This may also seem obvious, but creating a breeze inside the car really can help.
  • Drink cold water. It will definitely be important to stay hydrated on those sweaty days, and keeping an ice-cold bottle of water handy will help.
  • Park with your windows open just a crack. Having that continuous airflow inside your car while you’re away from it can prevent it from getting unbearable inside.
  • Park in the shade whenever possible.
  • Wear light and loose clothing while driving.

Do you have any other ways you like to keep cool while in your car? Let us know in the comments. Stay in touch with the Nissan of Victoria blog for more tips and tricks!