The nasty smells in your vehicle could be a sign of trouble

What do the bad odors from your car mean?

Imagine this: You’re driving your vehicle home after a long day at work. You just want to get home and unwind with some of your favorite TV shows. As you daydream about this, you begin to smell a foul stench. Did you forget about that cheeseburger you got from the drive-thru last week? Did a tomato roll out from a grocery bag and under a seat last month to be forgotten? Those are problems that can easily be fixed by locating and tossing the offending item in the garbage, but sometimes a nasty smell can be a sign of a more serious issue. What do the bad odors from your car mean? Read on for a few of the more common concerns.

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Foul stenches in your automobile and what they might be trying to tell you

  • gross air coming through car ventsRotten eggs. If you’re getting that classic rotting egg stench in your car, it could mean that your catalytic converter is not properly converting hydrogen sulfide and could be on the fritz.
  • Unwashed gym socks. That kind of locker room smell might be a sign that you have mildew growing inside your air conditioning evaporator. The system may just need to get dried out from all the condensation that is allowing this to happen, so try running the fan full blast.
  • Gasoline. It can be normal to smell this right after you visited the gas station for a refueling, but if you smell this often, that could mean there is a leak somewhere.
  • Burned carpeting. Your brakes could be wearing out, causing excessive friction.
  • Sulfur. If you have a manual transmission, gear lubricant could be leaking.
  • Syrup. If waffles weren’t recently devoured inside your car and you smell syrup, you might have a coolant leak.

These issues definitely need to be looked at and corrected, so be sure to bring your vehicle into your favorite mechanic (perhaps right here at Nissan of Victoria) for an inspection if any of these odd smells persist. Stay in touch with the Nissan of Victoria blog for more tips and tricks!