Nissan is launching a new technology feature in the 2018 Armada

What is Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror?

If you have had to pack as many of your belongings into the back of your vehicle on moving day, bring a huge load of supplies to a family gathering, or fill your car with large quantities of things for any other reason, you know that sometimes the view can be obstructed by those items. It makes the drive particularly stressful, because it can feel like driving blind. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see through those items in the back to get a better view of the traffic behind you? Nissan is launching a new technology called Intelligent Rear View Mirror that aims to make this a reality. What is Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror? Read ahead for details on how this useful technology works!

Rear Door Alert can remind you to check your back seats.

How does I-RVM work?

“Not since a magic mirror of children’s fables has a mirror seemed to have such special powers as the new I-RVM. It provides a clear, expanded field of view under a wide range of conditions – giving the driver the best possible view of the rear flanks no matter how tall the passengers in the back seat or how many balloons you have to take to that party.”  

– Michael Bunce, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc.

Magic. That is quite a word! It certainly feels like magic, but it’s really a clever set of tools and science that help make the Intelligent Rear View Mirror (I-VRM) possible. This item looks like your average, ordinary mirror that you can find in any vehicle. But looks can be deceiving! This mirror, which will be available in the 2018 Nissan Armada Platinum grade, has a built-in LCD monitor that can be activated with a simple flip of a switch that is located at the bottom of the mirror. This can be done whether the Armada is moving or sitting still.

A high-performance, narrow-angle camera is located underneath the glass in the rear of the Armada, and it provides a clear view of what is behind it. Nissan’s developers created this in such a way that the image of what the camera is seeing and what you can see in the standard mirror view do not overlap or interfere with each other, providing a clean image either way.  

This exciting new technology rolls out with the 2018 Armada in fall 2017! Stay in touch with the Nissan of Victoria blog for more updates on the Armada lineup as they are available.