What Driver-Assist Technologies Come with Nissan Safety Shield 360?

What is Nissan Safety Shield 360?

When searching for a new vehicle, safety always comes among the top priorities for buyers. Because Nissan knows the road can be unpredictable at times, it equips most of its models with Nissan Safety Shield 360, a suite of driver-assistance technologies designed to help you take the road with confidence. But what is exactly Nissan Safety Shield 360? What features does it include? And which models come with it? Continue reading to find the answers to all these questions!

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What Features Are Included with Nissan Safety Shield 360?

As we previously mentioned, Nissan Safety Shield 360 is a state-of-the-art suite of technology systems designed to alert the driver to possibly dangerous situations on the road and step in as backup when necessary. Let’s take a closer look at what each driver-assist feature does:

Nissan Safety Shield 360 Automatic Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection

Automatic Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection

This system provides audio and visual alerts when it detects an imminent forward crash with another vehicle or pedestrian, and even applies the brakes if the driver’s response is not sufficient to avoid or mitigate collisions

Nissan Safety Shield 360 Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

This advanced technology helps make sure you change lanes only when you mean to. The system recognizes lane markers and it warns the driver when it detects the car is unintentionally drifting out of the lanes.

Nissan Safety Shield 360 Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing out of a parking spot, this system alerts the driver with an audible warning if it detects an approaching vehicle from the left or the right side. Rear Cross Traffic Alert is active once the vehicle is shifted into reverse.

Nissan Safety Shield 360 High Beam Assist

High Beam Assist

Designed to reduce night-driving burden, this technology automatically switches the headlights from high beam to low beam when it senses oncoming traffic.

Nissan Safety Shield 360 Blind Spot Warning

Blind Spot Warning

The Blind Spot Warning system alerts the driver with a chime when it detects a vehicle approaching the blind spot area to avoid a collision and help change lanes with more confidence. 

Nissan Safety Shield 360 Rear Automatic Braking

Rear Automatic Braking

This system helps the driver detect stationary objects when backing up and, if necessary, engages the brakes to help avoid a rear collision or lessen the severity of the impact.

Which Nissan Models Come Equipped with Safety Shield 360?

  • 2020 Versa: Standard on Versa SV and above.
  • 2020 Sentra: Standard on all trims.
  • 2020 Altima: Available on Altima S and standard on Altima SR and above.
  • 2020 Maxima: Standard on all trims.
  • 2020 LEAF: Standard on all trims.
  • 2020 Kicks: Standard on all trims.
  • 2020 Rogue Sport: Standard on all trims.
  • 2020 Rogue: Standard on Rogue SV and above.
  • 2020 Murano: Available on Murano S and standard on Murano SV and above.
  • 2020 TITAN: Available on all trims.

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As you can see, Nissan Safety Shield 360 helps drivers keep a closer eye on vehicles and obstacles ahead, to the side, or even behind to lower the risk of collisions and accidents. Ready to take the roads of Victoria with confidence? Take a look at our online inventory to find the Nissan model that better fits your needs!