What spots are good for magnet fishing in Victoria, TX?

Magnet Fishing Spots in Victoria, TX

A good rule of thumb when magnet fishing is to go to places on the water where people hang out or have hung out extensively. To this end, docks, piers, bridges and so forth are solid. Popular fishing spots are also a good choice.

In Victoria, we have some great lakes and rivers with parks and public gathering places on their banks. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites below. Keep in mind that the pastime is called magnet fishing rather than magnet catching; keep your expectations low, be prepared for some chill meditation time, and may your magnet attract an interesting gizmo or two!

Note that at some areas, gators may be in the vicinity, so be on your guard.

Make your way to these spots and more with a model from our new inventory!

Victoria County Park

Where? 1867 Fordyce Road, Victoria, TX 77905

Patriot’s Park

Where? Saxet Lakes, Victoria, TX 77905

Grover’s Bend

Where? 107 Lowry Drive, Victoria, TX 77901