Which Nissan models offer two-tone paint?

In recent years, mundanely colored vehicles have been the most popular option. Current numbers still show 3 in 4 vehicles sold in North America being either white, silver gray or black. However, some signs show the tide beginning to turn soon. One of the main signs in this regard is the growing availability of two-tone paint options.

Two-tone paint options bring a spiffy dose of unique style to new vehicles that may otherwise blend in with the crowd. Which Nissan models offer two-tone paint options?

Two-Tone Paint Color Options on Nissan Vehicles

Two-tone paint colors are currently offered on the Nissan Kicks. In the future, two-tone color options are slated to be offered on the redesigned 2021 Nissan Rogue and upcoming Nissan Ariya (an electric crossover).

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Nissan has seen a positive response to its two-tone color options available for the Kicks. The automaker has found that 25% of customers pick a two-tone color option on this model. Two-tone options for the Kicks include the combination of a “gun metallic” gray body paired to a “monarch orange” roof, or a “fresh powder” white roof paired to a “deep blue pearl” body.

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Why are two-tone color options gaining popularity?

The re-emergence of two-tone color options harkens back to the automotive-design heyday of the 1950s. At that time, now-classic vehicles like the Corvette and Bel Air often featured multiple colors.

Nowadays, however, most cars are colored in a solid fashion. As a result, two-tone colors are great to distinguish one’s crossover in a crowded market. Customers report that after going two-toned, they find it hard to go back; other vehicles simply tend to look plain.

The ability to personalize a product is also a trendy move these days. Two-tone color options slot in well with this preference.

What does two-tone color mean?

Typically, a two-tone exterior paint color has one color for most of the body and a different color for the roof. There can also be a splash of the alternative color below the fender, on side mirrors or around lights.